Thermon is the leading single-source provider of industrial process heating delivering comprehensive, engineered solutions for complex projects, including hazardous area applications.

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Schmidt® portable abrasive blasting systems are the workhorses of the abrasive ai-rblast industry.

Abrasive Blasters (Small Pots)

Bulk Blasters

Multi-Media Blasters (M-Series)

Blast & Recovery Systems

Metering Valves and Controls

AirPrep™ Systems

Accustrip Systems

Specialized Systems

Blast Pots, Blast Pot Cabinets, Valves and Accessories, Blast Pot Spares and Tools and Blast Pots compressed air components.

DuraPol is a specialist producer of protective coatings that are virtually inert to most chemicals at elevated temperatures and pressures. These coatings are essential when looking to protect equipment operating under extreme conditions. DuraPol coatings are used across all sectors of industry and are proven to extend life expectancy, operating range, efficiency and safety in existing and new industrial equipment & infrastructure.